Monday, September 22, 2008


Two funny things I saw today:

On the subway the guy sitting across from me (maybe 27 -33yrs) was completely outfitted in like 1930's 1950's (i'm not sure the era) train conductor gear. His pants, his hat, vest, the works, contrasting with full length tattooed arms. What really made me laugh, was that he sneezed, and pulled out a handkerchief from his upper right vest pocket that looked pretty era specific. He blew his nose into it, then proceeded to immaculately refold the soil cloth and place it back into his pocket. Way to completely invest in your look, man.

Walking back from class, a big disgusting corporate truck roared down 13th street. I hate listening to them, looking at them, whatever. Trucks scare me. This one however, was blasting The Postal Service. Probably as loud as the speakers could get, this dirty ass truck was exploding with one of their most uplifting, tweedle-dee electronica whimsical songs. I literally cracked up.

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