Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Modernistey layout/design

ffffound --- I can't stop


This guy's photography is kind of interesting, but his website makes me want to vomit all over it. Actually some of it is definitely cool but I have the biggest itch to like redesign the site. On everypage theres a link thats like "Have a problem with this website?" So either he made it annoying on purpose...or he's just a fucking idiot.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meditative Photography

I think this has been on a lot of blogs so I didn't want to post...and then all day today all I could think about were these photos, and I realized I needed to put them up so I wouldn't forget. So beautiful, I feel so good when I look at these. Michael Kenna

Things in the air

photos of things in the air

Monday, December 29, 2008

Method Visual Identity

I really like this. From the portfolio of Rob Millington. i'm not like crazy about his work, but I liked this.

Cool pic

From the work of Paul Sahre, a teacher at SVA, and did all those "spreading the love" campaign. I realized I got a bunch of free stickers and had no idea what it was about. spreadintheluv. I'm drawn to this kind of stuff tho so I posted it to rememember. (* pers note: also think blood pillows)

Illustrative Type

work of Alex trochut. Debating seeing him talk at an AIGA

Plates in landscape

More photo insp from booooooom. Marlon Kowalski

Please Lets Pretend

This is sooooo down my alley. The post before wasnt necessarily my thing but I thought it was cute and gave me a lot of ideas

Maija Luutonen

Rune Guneriussen

I'm kind of just ripping from blogs to find thesis inspiration... mostly photo. I'll probably be doing for awhile. thanks boooooom


photography by Luke Williams. from booooooom
More series photography