Tuesday, December 23, 2008

some ideas

I'm at school waiting on a massive lineup for the plotter so I thought I'd write out a few random ideas I've had floating around that I personally just don't want to forget

-- calendar calendar
-- Something dealing with the way different languages are translated to english, and the ideas that are lost. (think that artist earlier in blog-have to look up-- and david shrigley russian post in "lets wrestle"

--something dealing with xerox transfers and etching medium I learned the other day
--instant books
--printed matter photocopy book proposal--- Max
--book Hilary made with fashion imagery-- remember the size
--what happens to dreams once you stop dreaming
--michael's place in lIC that does cheap offset on newsprint

other stuff too--and I want to flesh things out and find matching imagery. I need to start jotting down everything I keep having good ideas and completely forgetting them.

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