Friday, September 26, 2008

Aleksander Rodchenko

I love his photography.
Actually I really like russian constructivism in general.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Personal Views

This is really interesting, I somehow stumbled on it.

Its taking me forever to load anything because of my ridiculously slow connection... but it interviews so many great designers, its awesome.

personal views

Daniel Eatock

Daniel Eatock
Born 1975 Bolton, UK
Lives and works in London, UK

I am interested in connections between image and language, titles, punch lines, miscommunication, subversions, open systems, contributions from others, seriality, collections, discovery and inventing.

I employ reductive logic, and strive for objective and rational solutions to form concluded works. I am especially interested in the connection of the start and end points of a hand drawn circle.

I love his identity system for Boy meets Girl

It doesn't look right when I upload it but can be seen here: Identity

why is everyone awesome from the UK?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shift Fluently

I thought these were smart

Monday, September 22, 2008


Two funny things I saw today:

On the subway the guy sitting across from me (maybe 27 -33yrs) was completely outfitted in like 1930's 1950's (i'm not sure the era) train conductor gear. His pants, his hat, vest, the works, contrasting with full length tattooed arms. What really made me laugh, was that he sneezed, and pulled out a handkerchief from his upper right vest pocket that looked pretty era specific. He blew his nose into it, then proceeded to immaculately refold the soil cloth and place it back into his pocket. Way to completely invest in your look, man.

Walking back from class, a big disgusting corporate truck roared down 13th street. I hate listening to them, looking at them, whatever. Trucks scare me. This one however, was blasting The Postal Service. Probably as loud as the speakers could get, this dirty ass truck was exploding with one of their most uplifting, tweedle-dee electronica whimsical songs. I literally cracked up.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

haha retarded


This is fucking amazing.
How have I never heard of this before?

"Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre, was set up in 1994. The fruit of the Group’s cultural legacy, is based in Treviso, Italy in a complex restored and enlarged by Tadao Ando.

Fabrica is not a school, advertising agency or university. It is an applied creativity laboratory, a talent incubator, a studio of sorts in which young, modern artists come from all over the world to develop innovative projects and explore new directions in myriad avenues of communication, from design, music and film to photography, publishing and the Internet. These artist-experimenters are accompanied along their research path by leading figures in art and communication, blurring the boundaries of culture and language and transgressing the traditional borders between a diverse range of communication mediums."

Hanging in

I saw this on yes + me and thought it was cool

I always like stuff that plays with cmyk


i love this

I think I"m going to make a series of photographs based on this kind of idea...

I really like this website:

Fabrica Features

its like old school website style but its actually pretty nifty the way the photos of the projects open up.

Its cool to see them all together
"Established in 1991, under the editorship of Tibor Kalman, with the premise that diversity is positive and that all cultures have equal value, today COLORS is part of the publishing activity of Fabrica, Benetton's communication research centre. COLORS' editorial offices are situated in Fabrica's architectural complex, restored and enlarged by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, and it has a network of external collaborators in the four corners of the earth."

from here

Saturday, September 13, 2008


From Brooklyn based artist, William Lamson. I'm not sure if this was in london, but I hope it was. This makes me smile.

For more of his intervention series: click here

Saturday, September 6, 2008

David Byrne & Brian Eno

"Brian Eno and I recently finished our first collaboration in about 30 years. The name of the new record is Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. For the most part, Brian did the music and I wrote some tunes, words and sang. It's familiar but completely new as well. We're pretty excited.

The album is available exclusively from this Web site. You can stream all of the songs for free and purchase it in a variety of digital and physical formats, including a limited edition Deluxe Package designed by Sagmeister Inc. All formats can be downloaded immediately and physical CDs will be shipped in the Fall.

David Byrne"
everything that happens

Also-- Talking Heads- Nothing but Flowers. Old school type motion

Thursday, September 4, 2008


some work from saatchi & saatchi i liked