Sunday, May 4, 2008

Whitney Biennial

Its kind of really hard to find pictures that do anything there justice. But if I had to pick my faves-

Heather Rowe- Screen
It was pretty cool cuz as you walk by and other people walk by everyone gets reflected and cut off in awkward ways.

Julie meltzer and david thorne- epic
I personally really liked this one a lot. Its these two artists that lived in Damascus, Syria and this guy is talking about politics in a really arabic/metaphorical way that when translated to English is super lost on its meaning.

Carol Bove- the night sky over new york
This was just pretty. ha.


luis said...

You have a very entertaining blog. I saw that video of the whitest kids we know, hilarious. Do you go to design school in the city? I ask because i go to parsons in NYC.

I also need to try out that doughnut place, looks delicious.

Mjhalo said...

yes sir, I'm a Parsons kid too