Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Narrow Stairs

Death Cab's new album released may 13th. It was all analog recorded... its nice

"There seemed to be no other way to slice it. Given all the chatter about their new album, Narrow Stairs, they had seemingly gone into the studio (or, more specifically, three studios) with the intention of, a) systematically destroying the fanbase they had built up over the course of a decade, or b) infuriating their major-label handlers at Atlantic. There really seemed to be no other explanation. The album was recorded on tape, with little-to-no overdubs. It was supposedly darker, more dissonant than 2005's Plans, or anything they had done previously. It was going to be a deal breaker, a real win-or-lose proposition. Fans were either going to love it or curse its very existence. This was clearly going to be a visceral experience, full of blood and guts and reverb pedals — all things that no previous Death Cab record had ever been."

I mean yea, they're still singing about love and regret and crap but hey, they're still pretty good.

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