Thursday, May 21, 2009



Today I graduated from college. I, Maria Haddad, graduated from college. I graduated from Parsons the New School for Design with a Bachelors of Fine arts in Communication Design.

It's easier for me to veer on the side of sarcastic and cynical, but I am feeling sheepishly corny right now so...

I can't believe I graduated. I can't believe I got through four years at Parsons. I can't believe I made every single deadline, turned in good work, didn't burn any bridges (sort of), never missed more than two classes, and made it to class consecutively for four years--- And made Dean's List many times too. I can't believe how hard I worked, and how it still doesn't feel like I worked hard enough. It gives me hope that I won't be a failure at life.

Life without parental supervision has been radically positive and I've become an independent (mostly)mature individual. I've learned that life is really ridiculously complicated, and I'm glad I still maintain some naivety. I've learned that emotions are like the weather, sunny and cloudy, and that it is normal to feel both. I'm trying to learn that even though it "isn't ok" to feel a certain way, it doesn't discredit your emotions.

College has taught me how to learn, work, and balance fun. I've learned that if I don't kick back and relax, I can't do work, and that the happier and more time I allow for myself, the more successful I am creatively. I've learned not to please others and to listen to myself.

I'm so grateful for all the support in my life, and all the honest amazing friends I have made. I'm grateful for the people I met that disrespected me because I've grown double as strong with every criticism. I'm grateful for my parents for supporting me even though I'm following a path they aren't familiar with, and I thank God for his love and constant guidance.

Thank you to everyone who has molded me these past four years.


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