Friday, February 29, 2008

Peter Turnley

I had a really beautiful inspiring lecture yesterday from Peter Turnley in my Editorial Design class. Ufotch got a little hung up thurs night and didnt have time to post.

Here is an example of a guy who just had so much passion in one subject and just did everything in his power to do what he wanted to do. His photos are absolutely amazing and he's documented some of the most crucial turning points in World History. He photographed the Berlin wall coming down, Ghandi's funeral, Princess Diana's funeral, When Nelson Mandela was released from prison...etc. And he really doesn't just capture photographs for the sake of shock value, but he looks for the most emotional period. People tend to turn their face from just imagery of violence, like a dead corpse, but rather he'll photograph a mother mourning the death of her son.
Not only is his work beautiful, and he's amazingly successful, having been on the cover of Newsweek more than any other photographer (back in the day when Newsweek was way bigger), but he was also just a really confidant, but just nice humble guy. He was confidant about his work without sounding like a cocky asshole. He doesn't shove his knowledge in your face, but goes about it in a more considerable manner. I really enjoyed him thoroughly.

one side note--- His website is SUPER ugly. You just have to look at the images without the context of the ugly red background.

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